Mind Atlas™ offers four complementary services that are designed to provide data and results in order to vastly increase longterm profitability, productivity, innovation, and competitiveness of startups and small businesses:


cultural transformation tools®

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The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team™


Daily mindfulness matrix techniques™

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Speaking engagements

If you're interested but want to test-drive Mind Atlas™ first, a good place to start is a speaking engagement. Designed for groups of any size and any type, speaking engagements give you a chance to see Mind Atlas™ in action and learn more about the philosophy, tools, and techniques that we use before making an investment in consulting services. Speaking engagements generally last one hour, with an additional hour for Q&A. Speaking engagements are currently free of charge.  

Mind Atlas™  bases its prices on three factors:


Hourly rate

Mind Atlas™ charges a basic hourly rate. This includes:

  • Time spent in person with clients

  • Pre- and post-work performed offsite


onsite fee*

Mind Atlas™ charges a per diem rate for each day spent onsite with clients.


publisher costs for CTT® and MBTI® materials**

Mind Atlas™ includes in its fees the costs associated with CTT®, MBTI®, and The Five Behaviors™ assessments and profiles.

*There is no charge for time spent traveling to and from client location.

**This fee does not apply to services that do not include CTT®,  MBTI®, or Five Behaviors™ assessments and profiles. 

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