Myers-briggs type indicator®

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With its 16 unique personality types, based on the groundbreaking theories of Carl Jung, and backed up by decades of research and practical use, MBTI® is the gold standard in personality inventories. Mind Atlas™ is a certified MBTI® practitioner, which allows us to use the state-of-the-art tool in its entirety and as intended by its developers. The proper use of MBTI® is a key pillar of the Mind Atlas™ philosophy to developing high performance organizations. As individuals come to know themselves and others better, they are empowered to navigate relationships more effectively. Perhaps someone will learn that her coworker is introverted, and that he avoids her not because he doesn't like working with her, but because his preferred behavior is to be more reserved and quiet. These types of revelations about ourselves and others open up opportunities for personal and interpersonal growth by reducing the misconceptions and misunderstandings people have about each other that lead to unnecessary conflict, strife, and counterproductivity.