Awareness of breathing meditation

Breathing is something we all share in common. The simple and automatic act of breathing is a perfect way to cultivate mindfulness. The practice of intentionally focusing attention on breathing—known as awareness of breathing meditation—helps to train the brain to be in the present moment and to be in tune with the body's and mind's thoughts and sensations. Developing these skills of awareness and presentness helps to increase the gap between thoughts/feelings and subsequent responses. Increasing this gap is an important benefit of mindfulness. Complexity, change and ambiguity are commonplace in virtually every organization, and often trigger a threat response from the autonomic nervous system, increasing levels of stress and decreasing our ability to constructively respond. As mindfulness is cultivated, the brain develops the ability to respond in a totally different way to the stimuli it takes in. Developing mindfulness is key to creating a culture that can experience inevitable complexity, change and ambiguity, while at the same time reducing and removing the threat response, so that people can maintain high performance in a healthy and sustainable way. Mind Atlas™ is a specialist in making awareness of breath meditation a foundational exercise in organizations and the basis upon which high performance becomes sustainable.